Keeping you safe

In line with the rest of the country we continue to be closed to restaurant and bar customers but welcome B&B visitors with legitimate reasons to travel and stay.

Our breakfasts and check-ins will be socially distant (basically, we leave a room key gaffer taped to a tin of beans on the doorstep) but we promise to make it up to you when you come back again in the Summer.

We will continue to host a limited number of B&B guests following clear distancing rules and with only a limited breakfast service available.

I hope you appreciate that this is not a decision made lightly but is in accordance with the best interests of staff and customers alike.

We very much hope to welcome you again when we are able to reopen. We will post an update on our website and facebook pages.

Many thanks for your understanding.

We take our responsibilities to our staff and customers extremely seriously and are taking the best precautions we can to protect against C19. We hope that you will help us make this work by bearing with us as we learn and improve.

Information will be continuously updated.

Bar and terrace



Guests who have been diagnosed or have shown signs of COVID-19 in the past 14 days will be kindly asked to reschedule their stay, or a refund given.

If you are not feeling well before arrival, please do not come. Refunds will be given.

If you are not feeling like you are ready to travel, a 24 – hour heads up would be appreciated.

Please if you are feeling unwell, please STAY AT HOME.

Please complete up to date, contact details in case we need to advise ‘track and trace ‘personnel.


Okay, thank you
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